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It a good adaper! "


And I thought I was the senibsle one. Thanks for setting me straight. "


To think, I was cnofsued a minute ago. "


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Laptop Battery, Notebook Batteries, Power Tools Batteries, Digital Camera Battery, Camcorder Battery, Chargers, Batteries, Adapters, AC/DC Adapters, Mobile Phone Batteries, Cell Phone Battery, PDA Batteries from World-eshop.com are High Quality & Cheap Battery Products, Directly from Our Global Manufacturer. We also Produce other Hot Sale Products. Your need is our eternal pursuit in WORLD ESHOP!

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WORLD-ESHOP.COM is an experienced group of internet sellers, with branches at New York(USA & CA), London(UK), Berlin(EU), NSW(AU), Hong Kong, Shenzhen(China) and other countries all over the world. We aim at offering the most updated and high quality products to web shoppers from all over the world while shoppers can experience a comfortable and secure shopping process on the web.


WORLD-ESHOP.COM puts quality at the top of business plan. Our Quality Control team carries out various testing processes to ensure only quality products are sold on the web. No counterfeits or reimbursed items would appear on our selling lists.

Our Products

WORLD-ESHOP.COM offers brand new products which are directly purchased from various reputable manufacturers throughout the world. Thanks to our sophisticated and vertically integrated supply chain system and streamlined order fulfillment system, we guarantee you will be receiving the highest quality product at the lowest price.

Environmental Friendly

WORLD-ESHOP.COM emphasizes the need to provide products which bring minimal or no harm to the environment. Meanwhile, we aim at providing products that can enhance your lifestyle in the long run but not delivering items that can only be used for several times turning out to be a waste.

Featured Products

We also Produce other Hot Sale Products. Your need is our eternal pursuit in WORLD ESHOP! Ship to worldwide, it's simple to order from us. Action now!

  • ACER 10.80V 4000mAh 90.AA202.001, 91.47028.010 Laptop Battery


  • ACER 14.80V 4400mAh BATCL50L, BATCL50L4 Laptop Battery


  • APPLE 10.80V 5600mAh MA348J/A, MA348G/A Battery


  • ASUS 14.80V 4400mAh 70-NA51B1100, 70-NA51B2100 Laptop Battery

    US$106.13  US$70.79

  • COMPAQ 14.80V 4400mAh 319411-001, 361742-001 Laptop Battery


  • Dell 11.10V 3600mAh 312-0445, 451-10365 Laptop Battery


  • FUJITSU 10.80V 4600mAh FMVNBP146, FPCBP145 Laptop Battery


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